European Forum Gas 2012 - 20 June 2012 in Dresden, Germany

Gas Week returned in November 2014 with a series of events in Brussels and Strasbourg. With a new Parliament in place and a new Commission soon taking office, EU policymakers will be shaping future EU energy and climate policies in the wake of the October European Council on the 2030 Framework. As the cleanest available fossil fuel, gas was recently described by Energy Commissioner Oettinger as a vital part of a low-carbon energy mix.

Gas Week provides opportunities to discuss how gas can play its role to the full, through a series of debates on key topics such as: gas driving the decarbonisation of EU power generation and heating; infrastructure development and security of supply; gas and carbon capture and storage, etc. Through its GasVisually exhibition in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, GasNaturally will showcase the uses of gas across sectors and how gas can help Europe meet its objectives of competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply.

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